Wealth Management

Very often, many individuals have a number of pension schemes, some of which are not performing particularly well.

Yet with a simple no-cost pension review your funds can be re-organised/transferred into a better performing fund for the future.

Optimise your personal wealth by contacting us to arrange a review of your pension and financial planning.

Many of us have various investments made over a number of years, e.g. into unit trusts, investment bonds, ISAs, PEPs and other investment products and have lost track of whether they are performing well, i.e. at least above average performance?

You may also have pension funds into which you and/or an employer have been contributing and little attention has been paid to fund performance or management. You may also be unaware of the charging structure applying to these pension funds!

If any of the above sounds familiar we can arrange such a review on your behalf which will:

  1. be at no cost to yourself; and
  2. carry no obligation.

This will either confirm that your investments/pension are in the right place and give you assurance or, more likely, will provide recommendations as to the possible re-organisation of your investment and pension affairs in order to maximise returns by: -

  1. investment in better performing funds;
  2. investment in funds with a more advantageous charging structure;
  3. providing greater flexibility as to future withdrawal options;
  4. providing better advice and information on an on-going basis to allow you to monitor future performance in a more pro-active way without requiring a great deal of your time or effort.

You have nothing to lose and you could very well benefit. We would therefore encourage everyone to carry out such a review of their financial affairs on a regular basis.

For more information please contact Iain Sim or Gill Groom.

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